Half-elf Divinist from the far west.


Phauron is an 83 year old half-elf wizard. He wears a tattered and faded navy robe and carries a slender staff made of darkened brown wood. For all of his life he has been studying the intricacies of Divination magic, and has used this craft to become a powerful information broker in his home city in far western Jord. However, around a decade past he was chased east and forced to begin a new life in a strange city. After several years of attempting to rebuild his broken reputation, he accepted a job offered by the local High-Priest.

While not an overtly powerful combat caster, he tends to have an odd spell or two for getting him out of just about any dangerous situation.


ill post this in detail soon I suppose…though others shouldn’t know too much…so i’m torn…


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